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Our team loves to create music that touches people

Ever since we do our best in order to supply all our clients with high-end quality music where we work with the topmost symphonic orchestras in Europe. With all of these, you can expect nothing but simply the best work for music.

Our Services

Original Music. If you are looking for something unique, surely, we can create it for you. Music4Media is composed of experienced and talented composers who are proficiently capable of creating anything you need on you music requirements. Our music will make a big difference to your music preference.

  • A wide variety of music. Needing a daunting, unique, epic, emotional or lively type of music? Our amazing team will provide you the right music that will match your requirements. All of our music are expertly created with distinct style, custom and without restriction.
  • Exclusive and non-exclusive licensing. Whether you wanted to have an exclusive or non-exclusive model for your licensing, you have the freedom to choose. Here you will also adhere which one will best suit your budget.
  • Excellent music. Through the years, we were able to produce excellent music that each of our clients found to be worthy and ideal for their projects.

Sound Like. We create music that sounds exactly like what you hear from well-known and famous bands, hit songs, movies and any other popular music in trend accompanied with a fraction of the cost. You feel amazed in each of our projects where the sound like factors is of the highest quality. Together with our services, you can never site a clue for regret.

Sound Design. In each of our project, we make sure that it is characterized with the highest quality of sound design. We promise that each sound design will make you amazed and match your needed sound effects and harmony.

  • High-end sound design. Name whatever you require for your sound design and we will create and provide you excellent sound for whatever purpose you have. We are also very much flexible in producing high-end sound design where we can meet all your required detail efficiently. We provide you with all your audio needs with a reasonable cost.
  • Uniqueness.  We have our very own source for our recording database which will allow us to produce unique and incomparable sound design, where each of our projects is customized and especially dedicated to all of our clients with unique needs as well.
  • Sound Recording. If you are looking for a specific type of sound design, we can record it for you. We have the best recordists where you expect that they can make a unique source for recordings accompanied with accessibility.
  • Audio management. If you are looking for outstanding interactivity concept, artistic guide, script-based production and final post-production, Music4Media will take the lead.

Live Orchestra. Your music will be recorded by the best symphonic orchestra where nothing could compare to its real instruments and real choir.

  • Professional live orchestra. If you are looking for a realistic sound for your music, surely, Music4Media can provide you the topmost professional orchestra that will incredibly perform live. We provide you custom recordings to any style, type, and ensemble size that will surely provide you amazement. The performance of the live orchestra is composed of the experienced professionals that will play, prepare and record your score.
  • Open sessions for orchestra. To those who are interested in affording shorter record compositions like trailer or theme, open sessions and living orchestra recordings, we gladly offer you those. All you need to do is to pay the recording time and you have no hassle and obligations.
  • Best recording network. You can get lots of choices for your projects because we give you a variety of ensemble sites across Europe. We are able to put together all the best production setups where our clients are free to choose from.

Production Music. Music4Media provides you a huge number of highest quality music libraries that will greatly satisfy your TV, film and adverts needs. We compose original music and provide you music production for TV, film, advertising, and corporate productions. We do have formed a partnership with award winning Film and TV composers as well.

Mix and Master. With our skillful engineers, you can expect that we can provide you music which will give you the best opportunities for success as we use our world-class skills, equipment, and technology. Our experience in the music industry will guarantee you that we can help you a lot in having the best solutions for all your audio problems to where we provide you conceptualization, creativity, flexibility, and balance.

With three easy steps--Search, Listen and Download and with easy and hassle free access at search.musicfourmedia.com, we can provide you inspiring and original music.Together with our great dealings with various Adv agencies, brands, post production companies, TV and radio stations, surely, your required audio will be more than you expected.

Our services


Looking for something unique ? we can create it! Music4Media original music team is made of experienced composers capable of creating anything you might need for your music needs.


Your music recorded by a symphonic  orchestra. Nothing compares to the sound of real instruments and a real choir.


Music that sounds very similar to well known music from movies, famous bands, hit songs and other popular music - at a fraction of the cost.


Satisfying your every music need for TV, film and adverts. Music4media represents a number of high quality music libraries.


Quality high sound design
(sound effects, foley) for every project.


Let our engineers give your music the best chance for success, using our world-class skills, equipment and techniques.